And she's back!

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After a long absence, Leona is back with Classic Rock Party/Greatest Hits this Saturday 23rd July 7-10pm! Then Sunday 11am - 2pm and on Absolute Classic Rock with Forgotten Rock 9-11pm.

Monday 25th she'll be counting down the Greatest Hits of the 90s as voted for by listeners from 10am.

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Introducing Leona Graham

Some eight plus years ago, I heard Leona's voice for the first time. I was mesmerized and a wee bit (maybe more than a wee bit) smitten.

As I got to know Leona, I came to realize that the voice is only a part of the package.

Leona is a consummate DJ. This is demonstrated by her music knowledge and her ability to consistently choose just the right track to tickle the listener's fancy.

But there's more! As a person, Leona is lovely, congenial and an animal lover to boot.

I am privileged to write this introduction. But even more so, I am privileged to call Leona my friend.

Join me in helping to make Leona Graham a household name worldwide.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Marty from new yawk


This is the playlist for the Absolute Classic Rock Party on Absolute Radio, 2012-06-30